Sharing About Sharing

From car pools and baby-sitting cooperatives to more formalized arrangements like vacation time-shares and the Zipcar*, we already know that sharing makes good economic sense.  But sharing also makes it possible to be green and cool and friendly like, to quote my favorite frog.

Oakland, CA-based attorney, Janelle Orsi, author of The Sharing Solution: How to Save Money and Simplify Your Life and Build Community, is passionate about how sharing can literally save our skins by saving our planet.

Yesterday afternoon, after my monthly Transition Palm Beaches meeting (which also includes a free-cycle table and seed swap),  I took a  free 75-minute TransitionUS tele-class with Janelle Orsi.  She led us through the simple sharing we do as a matter of course and how we can tackle the legalities of more complex ways of sharing, and thrive in an uncertain future. Access it here: Unstuck Economics: How Cooperatives and Community Enterprise Will Get Us Out of this Gigantic Mess.

Hers is a vision of a future worth investing in.

*Zipcar has been acquired by Avis.  It will be interesting to see what happens next.

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