Do What You Love…

Remember the Marsha Sinatar book, Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow? It was a precursor to the Law of Attraction craze, and like most things had enough truth in it to justify one’s attention. Well, I am not looking for monetary compensation for the environmental work I’ve dedicated myself to now, but something is definitely working in my favor. I am to be a panelist at the forthcoming Healing Our World Healing Ourselves conference in Orlando, February 15-16, and last night I met Jan Booher of the South Florida Climate Action Partners who is interested in having me present at her congregation, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Boca Raton. So, of course, my first move today was to get a much needed haircut, one that makes me feel like I’m getting back into the game after a number of years of contentedly teaching yoga and helping out with my grandchildren. (But, as I told my excellent hairstylist, it doesn’t mean a new wardrobe. That would violate my principles of reduce, reuse and recycle … and shopping in my own closet!)

Jan’s presentation of Southeast Florida Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP) was riveting for me and I welcome the opportunity to participate in any action that promotes sustainability. I was glad to sign the I Support the Regional Climate Action Plan card addressed to county commissioners, and take some to distribute. That said, I always feel myself in a sort of parallel universe about the urgency of climate change hurtling toward us like an express train. Perhaps in my journey forward I’ll have to learn how to work with cool, rational, data-rich Powerpoint presentations, but it will be a stretch.

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