10 Ways to Defeat Post-Project Blues

Top 10 winnerPost-project blues today, as the intensity of the last weeks on Symphony of the Soil begins to retreat from my body mind.   Cheer up strategy: Top Ten things I want to appreciate and remember:

  1.  Deborah Koons Garcia is a true visionary, and as un-Hollywood-ish, unassuming and nice as the girl next door.  No assistant; no entourage; no problem.  Even accepted a congratulatory kiss on her cheek from my spouse.
  2. So far, I’ve done no postmortems re: what could have gone better (maybe I’m done with that for good).  Better, some thoughts about where to go from here: Sow It Forward How to fund your garden. Maybe an herb and butterfly garden for my congregation.
  3. A couple of dozen friends attended or bought tickets even if they couldn’t (thank you!), and everyone who saw it was moved by the film.  May its message lodge in their hearts and minds.
  4. Kindness of strangers, e.g. the Muvico staff are helpful and very nice, especially the manager named Minty.
  5. Teaching myself how to use Twitter effectively (even about hash tags) and connecting with some journalists I hadn’t known before.  Fun!
  6. Walking the mile from the parking lot behind Clematis up to City Place, confirmed that West Palm Beach is a very likable, liveable city, and even has a hill (well, for Florida).
  7. The margaritas at Longboards (upper Clematis) are world class!  Especially when you are thirsty for one and indulge infrequently.
  8. But Malpeque oysters at $3 a pop?  Not even for this foodie.  Great blackened Mahi tacos, though.
  9. Crowded into a booth with some interesting new people at the post-event reception.  Laughter non-stop.  Food-sharing.  My scene.
  10. This has made me ultra-ready for a Slow Thanksgiving.  Slow Everything.  Next event I’m planning, a ‘memory potluck’ for Slow Food Gold and Treasure Coast.  Everyone brings a dish with a story behind it, and shares both.  Tweet me if you want to come @MarikaStone1

Image credit: http://www.mariaandtom.com/agent_files/top-ten-blue.jpg

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