Just This Morning

Our steps along this section of boardwalk have led us here again.

The rocking chairs are motionless until they hold a body or catch a breeze.

The thatch above is fragrant. Reeds bend to the wind.

We have added nothing but our presence for a short time, and when we are done rocking, all will be as if we’d never been here.

So too the earth, before and after humans.

6 thoughts on “Just This Morning

  1. Sounds like Grassy Waters! Best to you both as our sun turns a warmer face toward us, and a new era begins!


  2. Oh, Marika – So very powerful – among your best.  Though – I believe we leave “trace elements” of our being – our love, our caring – we do leave an imprint.  I am sure you do; and, I am trying very hard to leave something that lasts.  Who knows – which is the question – all we can do is be awake to the world around us. Thank you for being you.  

  3. This is just beautiful. If my experience is any measure though, I think we leave much behind, in fact I think we go on living invisibly for most of those who knew us then we begin to fade – but it takes a long time….fortunately, in that state, we don’t add to overcrowding of the planet …..hugs, you’re just so good at this writing thing!

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