Delray Laundromat

Saturday night on Atlantic Avenue:

flashy cars slow-mo on restaurant row

as a see-and-be-seen crowd

crosses wherever. Laughter.

Smoke from grills, cigarettes, weed.

I have shish kebab on my mind,

the final night of a poetry festival.

Must have passed the Laundromat

Dozens of times without pause.

Must be the fluorescence that limns

faces this Saturday night: people making

change while making eyes, could be.

Could be singles night for the lonely —

between relationships, between jobs,

between homes, shifts. Hands smoothing

tee-shirts, stacking jeans, while sneakers

in the dryer summon a disco beat.

Could be me.

3 thoughts on “Delray Laundromat

  1. Nice – like the contrast with restaurant row and the image of the fluorescence lighting
    What’s with Howie?

  2. We used to have a fun place in Seattle’s eclectic Fremont neighborhood called the “Sit & Spin” where we could do laundry, have some cheap beers and food and play pool or just sit and watch tv on some comfy sofas. I miss that place.

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